Our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Marquette share in the evangelizing mission of our local Church.

We are:

Communities of Faith

  • In communion with our Bishop and Pastors
  • In partnership with our parents
  • In Christian collaboration among our staff, teachers, and parish
  • In respectful personal relationships between teachers and students

Committed to the integral formation of our students

  • Through educational practice founded upon an understanding of children as persons who are created in the image of God
  • By enabling our students to become good citizens in this world, fulfilling their destiny to become saints, while loving God and neighbor, thereby enriching society with the leaven of the gospel
  • Through curricula which brings the study of faith, life, and culture into harmony
  • Through teachers and staff who understand their mission as a vocation from God to form the whole child
  • By aiding students in their prayer life and helping them see prayer as a genuine dialogue of love

Committed to the highest academic standards through a rigorous curriculum and effective instructional delivery

  • To deliver challenging learning experiences to develop learning, thinking, and life skills that lead to success at the next level
  • To assess student learning and allow us to adjust our teaching to meet learning goals
  • To provide and coordinate learning support services to meet the unique learning needs of all our students
  • To offer a progressive technology infrastructure designed to support our teaching and learning goals

Committed to excellence in all co-curricular and extra-curricular areas of our programs

  • To imbue in our students a culture of charity through our community service programs
  • To provide team sports and other extra/co-curricular programs as a means to a well-rounded formation of our students

Sustained by the faith witness of our teachers and staff

In which each of our teachers and staff members are called to live lives of personal holiness rooted in our love for Jesus Christ and His Catholic church. We are witnesses to this personal love to our students and families we serve.